10 Key Questions: Medication Assessment Tools for the Elderly

Video demonstration from Kiplee Bell, MD, PA

Kiplee Bell MD, PA,

Are you keeping up with the current recommendations and guidelines when prescribing medications to geriatric clients?

No matter your specialty, you MUST know how to address the unique concerns of the older adults under your care.

Geriatrics is a field in and of itself, but many of us haven’t had extensive training on the nuances and complexities that make treatment challenging…

That’s why geriatric expert Kiplee Bell, MD, shares the 10 key questions you must remember when performing a medication assessment for your elderly patients in this quick video:

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Meet the Expert:
Kiplee Bell, MD, PA, earned board certification as a Physician Assistant, an additional master's degree in Gerontology, and finally her Doctorate in Medicine. Over the course of her career, Kiplee has worked in acute care, urgent care ambulatory care and long-term care settings. Currently, she treats geriatric patients for a wide variety of medical and behavioral symptoms. You can be sure that Kiplee will deliver a compreshensive and up-to-date geriatric pharmacology presentation, walking through the body systems: neuro, endocrine, cardiac, pulmonary, GI, infectious disease and musculoskeletal.

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