About Us

PESI, Inc.

PESI HealthCare has a long history in the continuing education seminar business, with roots dating back to 1979. That year, Professional Education Systems began as a legal publishing company, and soon added continuing education seminars and conferences to its publishing projects. In 1985 PESI presented its first healthcare program. In 1997, the PESI HealthCare division was formally created, dedicated to educating the nation's healthcare professionals.

In 2011, PESI HealthCare became a division of PESI, Inc., a non-profit organization. We are proud of our lineage in the continuing education and publishing industries, and we are excited about the educational opportunities that come with our new non-profit status. Today, the name PESI HealthCare represents a strong company committed to broadening our publishing, multimedia, distance education, live seminar and conference activities to meet the needs of a variety of healthcare professionals nationwide. It's indeed an honor to serve these deserving markets.

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