Why master EKG interpretation? Here's one good reason...


Suddenly, your patient goes into wide complex tachycardia with a rate of 155. You immediately go to assess the patient and find her awake with a blood pressure of 90/60. You do a 12-Lead EKG and discover the axis to be extreme. Tell us your conclusion about the patient's rhythm in the comments below.

Why master the 12-Lead EKG?

Reading the 12-Lead EKG correctly can save your patient's life. The 12-Lead EKG is an inexpensive, noninvasive, risk free diagnostic tool. As a nurse, you can't use it too much, and you can't learn too much about it.

But if you're like many nurses, the only chance you get to interpret EKG rhythm strips is when a patient is in distress. Being able to quickly and confidently assess complex cardiac patients allows you to respond effectively and avoid life-threatening complications.

Effective EKG interpretation is not only essential for positive patient outcomes, but also for professional career growth.

Check out this case study...

Karen M. Marzlin, DNP, RN, CCNS, CCRN-CMC, CHFN, understands the pressures of managing a patient during crisis. She teamed up with Cynthia Webner, DNP, RN, CCNS, CCRN-CMC, CHFN, to present the EKG Mastery Series where they take participants through the foundations of EKG interpretation. Here is your invitation to transform your career, and your patients' lives... Become an EKG Expert.

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