Patient Safety Awareness

What are you doing to prevent errors, injuries, accidents and infections?

The PESI Team

A seasoned nurse had drawn up the right dose of a drug hundreds of times in her career.

But once…she made a life-changing error.

A patient died, she was suspended and then fired from a profession she loved.

Patient safety is a sacred bond and keeping patients safe is a top priority.

But long shifts, confusing lab results, and an ever-changing list of drug interactions create an environment where even the most competent clinician can make a serious mistake.

So how do we improve safety for patients and the workforce?

With continued communication and focus on education.

This week we celebrate Patients Safety Awareness, an annual event to focus on improvements and recognize advancements in the field.

At PESI, we encourage discussion and ongoing action!

Comment below: What would you improve in your practice to prevent errors, injuries, accidents and infections?

Want to minimize your risk of making life-threatening mistakes?
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Topic: Nursing Administration

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