The Rise of Suicide and Trauma in Teens

How "13 Reasons Why" Missed the Mark

Producers of the controversial Netflix show “13 Reasons Why,” including pop star Selena Gomez, said their desire was to help teens and start a conversation about rising mental health struggles in youth today. Now the new season is scheduled to air May 18, 2018 during Mental Health Awareness month.

…but did they start the right conversation, or did they glamorize suicide?

Whether you find the show compelling or troublesome, one thing is certain: We need to talk about the rise of teen suicide and trauma in kids and teens.

That’s why we created a free, one hour online CE seminar presented by Meagan Houston, Ph.D., designed for clinicians, educators, and even parents to learn how to talk about suicide and mental health with teens.

 >Watch the FREE CE Seminar now.

This seminar is free to watch and share. We hope you'll join us start this important conversation by sharing this resource with your friends, families and colleagues. Here's the link one more time.

Article updated 05/04/2018

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