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PESI Private On-Site Training

Bring any PESI Training On-Site to your Organization!

PESI has hundreds of trainings ready to come to your organization. However, if you need something customized or need to have us create a program that is tailored to your specific and unique needs, we can do that too!

By working with our PESI On-Site Education Managers, your Private On-Site training event will be the most cost-effective, time efficient, hassle free and convenient training event you’ve ever experienced.

When utilizing PESI’s On-Site Education Department, all the processes associated with obtaining CEU’s are taken care of. Private speakers don’t provide this service and you are responsible for coordinating all the details of applying and paying the fees. Working with us eliminates this hassle and stress. All you need to do is provide the training venue and we take care of the rest! It’s that simple!

Private On-Site Training Additional Benefits:

  • Minimize costs- Utilizing your on-site facility eliminates additional training costs.
  • Convenience – Having all your staff together provides cohesiveness and consistency.
  • Flexibility – On-site training provides the flexibility needed with larger groups for scheduling dates and times.
  • CEU’s – PESI takes care of all CEUs associated with your training.
  • National speakers hand picked to fit your organizations specific needs.

And Many More!

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