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Calculate Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) with Confidence

Recognize potential problems sooner & respond more accurately

Sean G. Smith, C-EFM, C-NPT, FP-C, RNC-NIC, CEN

Critical care and emergency nurse expert Sean G. Smith provides an easy-to-use strategy for understanding and calculating Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP).


Complex Wound Care for Optimal Outcomes

Learn to heal wounds quicker – and with less pain with this FREE case study

Ann Taylor, MS, RN, CWOCN®

The field of wound care is constantly evolving, but even the best wound care products won't be effective if your patients don't understand how to use them. In this case study with Ann Taylor, MS, RN, CWOCN®, learn ways to heal wounds quicker – and with less pain to your patients – as well as the correct way to use products!


The Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs for Geriatric Patients

FREE Worksheet

Steven Atkinson, PA-C, MS.

Eliminate geriatric med errors with this FREE Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs for Geriatric Patients worksheet!


The Dementia Tool All Care Providers Should Have

Free Infographics on the Signs, Causes, Prevention & Treatment of Dementia

Edward G. Shaw, MD, MA

When it comes to improving dementia outcomes, early intervention is essential. These free infographics are an excellent resource for reference or to share with your patients.


Spanish for HealthCare Professionals

Free flashcards with must-know phrases

Tracey Long, RN, Ph.D.

As your number of Spanish-speaking patients increases, knowing basic phrases that will help you gather personal information and medical history is essential. Tracey Long shares a simple resource that can help you confidently master key Spanish phrases.


Geriatric GI Dilemmas

Free 1-Hour Training from a Clinical Gastroenterologist

Peter Buch, MD, AGAF, FACP

Discover the answers to many common GI dilemmas from expert Peter Buch, MD, FACG, AGAF, FACP. Acquire new clinical tools and insights to help you address the unique GI challenges with your geriatric patients.


5 Must-Have Resources for Nurses

Check out these FREEBIES from our Top Certificate & Certification Courses

Who doesn’t love free? Claim these complimentary resources from PESI HealthCare’s most popular certificate and certification courses!


Top 5 Most Popular HealthCare Certificate & Certification Courses

These are the certificate and certification trainings your colleagues depend on! Don’t be the last one on your unit without them!


5 Ways to Help Children with Coronavirus Anxiety

Are the children in your life noticing your increasing tension?

While we can’t eliminate the transmission of our own anxiety to the children in our lives, we can mitigate the impact in some significant ways. Here’s how.


Patient Safety Awareness

What are you doing to prevent errors, injuries, accidents and infections?

The PESI Team

Patient Safety Awareness Week is dedicated time and event for growing awareness about patient safety and recognizing the work already being done


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