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Complex Wound Care for Optimal Outcomes

Learn to heal wounds quicker – and with less pain with this FREE case study

Ann Taylor, MS, RN, CWOCN®

The field of wound care is constantly evolving, but even the best wound care products won't be effective if your patients don't understand how to use them. In this case study with Ann Taylor, MS, RN, CWOCN®, learn ways to heal wounds quicker – and with less pain to your patients – as well as the correct way to use products!


Wound Care Challenges: Physical Therapy Strategies to Support Healing

Kim Saunders, MSN/ED, RN, CWON®, CFN

Four questions may guide you in assigning etiology of areas of the trunk where moisture may be a contributing factor. Do you know what they are?


The 3 Most Important Questions When Treating a Wound

Kim Saunders, MSN/ED, RN, CWON®, CFN

Assessing a wound is never just about the ‘Polaroid’ picture. The skin being the largest organ, doesn’t fail on its own. It is affected by other factors. Thus, when treating a wound, start with 3 important questions...


Q and A: Venous ulcers with concurrent lymphedema

Cheryl Aaron, PT, DPT, CWS

Have you ever treated that wound that you just can't get to heal even with proper assessment and treatment? There are always those few wounds that challenge our skills, and without a solid understanding of the complexities of mixed etiology, we may actually cause harm. Here are the three most commonly asked wound care questions by clinicians…


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